What a #bigco CEO, in a startup once said

Lots of #bigco CEOs don’t speak like human beings.

They wrap every sentence so that it either sounds more compelling, or less problematic - just like politicians do!

This is a real life story.

"The market is under pressure, and changing rapidly. Our initial strategy of targeting small and mid-sized companies are no longer of interest to us. We want the big fish, that has lots of clients that they can move onto our product."

"We’re in talks with the X largest Y in the world. When this deal completes, there’s no limit to what that means to us, or what we can do."

"Our change in strategy has lead us to introductions with several "big fish" in the market, and we should begin to see the fruits of our work very soon."

"This is a multi billion dollar industry, and according to Gartner it will only get bigger and bigger. If we could just get a 5% market share, we’ll be more than good."

"The deal with X collapsed, but this is actually good. They would be no good to us anyway, since the original proposal were aggressively discounted and wouldn’t improve our bottom line."

"Good news is our pipeline is very interesting, and we have a new prospect and we’re wrapping up the details in the near future."

"Customer Y quit, but their account were overly discounted so it doesn’t matter"

"We’re improving our resource allocation to shorten time to market. Fixing bugs is no longer a priority."

"Turned out the new prospect were not that interesting either, since they were only planning to use feature Z."

"We’re now 12 months into our change of strategy, and it’s obvious to see that selling to large corporations takes a lot of time. The market is under pressure, and they’re hesitating bringing all of their clients into our product."

"I’m not technically gifted, but you just have to make sure that when Coca Cola wants to play along, we can handle the pressure!"

"The new budget is based on a zero cancellation rate." - I’m not kidding!

"Our product is to complex for offering free trials."

"The market has forced us to change strategy. Now we’re targeting both large corporations and small to mid-sized businesses."

Interesting thought for evolving a product and its users. A win-win situation for both startup and user. The startup only need to cover the basics at the beginning (MVP), and the users has a change to jump on the train before it gets super advanced.

Make Yourself Heard — Stay Relevant, Show Who You Are

This has something to do with your job, or the chances of you getting a job.

As more and more companies hire for cultural fit instead of skills, to sell yourself is less and less about the actual job interview.

Every tech startup asks for an active GitHub profile.

So what can you say to trump the other candidates that are very active?

StackExchange say they hire opinionated people, because they figure out what to do based on what they care about.

But how will you show you’re an opinionated person if a Google search for your name only returns your Facebook profile?

37signals says "hire the best writer".

But if you show up without any content out there, how can you possibly prove yourself as the best writer?

You know you have opinions, you just don’t believe they’re worth sharing, when they truly are.

Just hit publish!